Frequently Asked Questions

This is by far the most common question in the remodeling world.  It is a very good question and the importance of ensuring you come in on or under budget is key to a successful contract.  Please take a look at our pricing tool to get some rough ideas of costs for typical projects. Our team does not charge for preliminary estimates so please reach out today! 

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Please feel free head over to the Arizona Registrar of Contractor's Website under "Contractor Search" and search for Stronghold Enterprises, LLC or you can search for me, "Justen Vickery". You should do this for all contractors you intend on bidding or awarding work on your home - just to be extra cautious

Stronghold Enterprises, LLC has been in the general contracting business since 2013.  Before that I (Justen) spent some time in the United States Marine Corps.  Truth be told, I have been doing construction since I was very young. I grew up working for my dad, who was a general contractor, in his company, Building Space Maintenance. I have worked for some of the largest residential and multi-family construction companies in the US, and am quite passionate about building good things well.

One of our instrumental project managers, Adam, has been involved in the construction industry for over 10 years.

I hear this question on probably 60% of the initial consultations I am part of. When moving the interior walls to expand or shrink a room, a key factor is whether or not that wall is assisting in holding up the roof structure.  Sometimes it is an easy question to answer, and sometimes it requires going into the attic space, or in rare occasions, a consultation with a structural engineer.

Common residential trusses do not typically span distances greater than 40', but regardless, you can rest assured we are not going to start major construction without having done our due diligence.

Even if the proposed remodel affects a load bearing wall, we work with some of the best architects and engineers in the state, and will look to find a solution that fits your dream and your budget!

We do all types of projects from small bathroom remodels, to adding a loft above the garage.  If you can dream it - and communicate that dream to us - we can get it built!

We operate primarily as a project manager for your project, meaning we leverage our deep industry knowledge to ensure that the many trades that will be working on your project do their work correctly, to code, and for a fair price.  We work tirelessly to meticulously plan and execute the many moving parts of a remodel, so that we minimize the amount of time that work is not being accomplished.

Our subcontractor trade partners are highly skilled and easy to work with.  We value our subcontractor base, as we value our customers, and as we value our own employees.  We have spent countless hours ensuring the people we bring to your home are professional, timely, and kind.